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Planning a wedding in a digital age.

Wedding Photos
Wedding Photo

As always, The Knot comes up big and offers The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner, which is free for a limited time. This app has everything from a checklist, budget tracker, and countdown, to ideas for dresses, decorations, flowers, cakes, vendors, registry gifts– the works! Add to that the Weddings911 by The Knot app, which is a source for instant answers to all wedding-related questions, and you can pretty much consider yourself set.

Conde’ Nast Digital offers the free app BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0, which has a plethora of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, wedding jewelry, and wedding and honeymoon destinations to view and compare so you can start making decisions about what you want. Spring for the upgrade for $2.99, and you gain access to a host of organization options to keep all of your ideas and inspiration in order, and advice to help you make decisions. In addition, the upgrade will sync with BRIDES Wedding where you can access even more planning tools.

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